Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Aboriginal Veteran's Day

November 8th.   

Today was a day unbeknownst to most Canadians: Aboriginal Veteran's Day. Such an important time to pause and remember the extraordinary and continuing contributions of Indigenous peoples. There is a long yet often overlooked history concerning the military service and contributions of Aboriginal peoples. Although only a small part of the Canadian population, the over 12,000 Indigenous servicemen and women who served in three wars shows a high commitment and dedication to protect a shared homeland. 

Today was a proud day to launch the Indigenous War Heroes Project Teacher's Guide - meant to help empower educators with the knowledge and resources to share about Indigenous military participation. Developed with the support of Heritage Canada - the World War Commemoration Community Fund - this invaluable curriculum resource will help change and shape the nature of how students learn about this important aspect of our shared history, present, and future.

Please review and share this important resource. 

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